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On- Street Traffic Services

Flagging Operations
Creating a safe work environment for the public and workers. Moving traffic at a safe manner.
Lane Closures

A closure of an individual lane or lanes for the purposes of work while maintaining traffic flow in the direction of travel while always maintaining the safety of the work crew and public

Road Closures

When both lanes are being used for the completion of assigned work. DTS will assure the safety of the workers and public

About Us

DTS ( Dominion Traffic Solutions) is a premier traffic control company based out of Georgia. DTS was established due to the high demand for traffic control services and the safety of workers, pedestrians and the general public.

Our complete knowledge of traffic management is integral to the clients. Our planning department is capable of providing Traffic Management plans that result in lane closures that are required for large infrastructure projects, utility works, special events, filming, detours, road closures and road repairs.

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Are the Flagger’s required to be certified.?

Yes, all our Flagger’s are certified, experienced and tested.

How many years experience does DTS have?
DTS management has over 40 years experience in safety operations and traffic control


How often does DTS have safety meetings?

DTS hold weekly safety meetings and performance reviews with all employees.

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